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Rémi Kroll

XR Developer

After more than 4 years in the construction and energy industries as an extended reality developer, I decided to concentrate full time on my own business as an extended reality (XR) full stack solutions provider. I specialize in creating immersive virtual experiences from scratch. These include augmented reality, mixed reality and virtual reality applications. With my background inside a major company with diverse projects and also the agility of small-team organization, I can quickly understand your problem. Together, we will find the right way to answer your need and build the tool that will gain added value for your organization.


VR development

A complete virtual immersion experience with hand tracking or by controller interactions. Reproduce a safe real world, ensure better learning or also do tests before designing. These are some of the many advantages you will be able to find by using this technology.

AR development

A virtual experience seen through a smartphone (or glasses) where digital elements are embeded or overlaid into the physical word. Accessibility, product customization or user engagement are strategic benefits of this technology in many fields such as retail.

MR development

Connect the physical and the digital worlds through mixed reality experience. Interact with (in most cases) your hands on virtual elements included and recognized in the physical world. Engagement and collaboration are two keys words to describe the added value of the technology.

3D content

Everything in 3D such as animation , modelization or a final application for a trade fair demonstration , a training course (like serious games for example) or a video explanation.


I can help you to make your idea real by transforming your XR & 3D project into a real business use case. We will organize and work out the ideas together, choose the right technology, create the best architecture and organize every step of your project.


I can also support you to create the right process and organization in your company in order to get the benefits of extended reality technologies.

How i work


You have an idea, a question or a potentiel project?

Do not hesitate to send me a message.

Copyright © 2024 Rémi Kroll All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2024 Rémi Kroll All rights reserved.